2 Great Ways You Can Leave a Legacy

With just a few words, you can make a huge difference.

It’s true! Your support of @[OrgName] can last far beyond your lifetime@[-]and it only takes a few minutes to make it happen. Here are two popular ways to make your dedication continue for generations:

1. Include us in your will or living trust.

How do I set it up? Add as little as one sentence (often referred to as “bequest language”) saying you want to support us. With the help of your estate planning attorney or your will-planning website, you can give a specific amount of cash or securities, a piece of property@[,] or a percentage of your estate.

What if I need to change it? No problem! You can alter your will or trust whenever you like. Even so, there are great benefits to informing us of your gift: We can ensure that it is used exactly as you wish (just fill out our gift intention form), and you become eligible to join a community of other dedicated givers who make up our legacy society.

2. Name @[SupportedOrg] as a beneficiary of a retirement account, life insurance policy@[,] or commercial annuity.

How do I set it up? Contact your retirement plan administrator, insurance company, bank@[,] or financial institution for a change-of-beneficiary form or ask how you can change beneficiaries online. On the form, list the percentage you would like us to receive.

What if I need to change it? You can modify beneficiary designations at any time. Review them every two to three years, because your assets may never reach your intended recipients if you did not keep the beneficiary designations up to date.

Let Us Help You Take the Next Step

We would be happy to work with you on making a long-lasting impact through your will or trust or through a beneficiary designation. Contact @[Contact] at @[Phone] or @[Email] to discuss your options.

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